Executive Director and Founder

Executive Totlyn M. Taylor-Newby was born in Port Maria, St. Mary Jamaica, West Indies. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in English at Clonmel College, St. Mary in Jamaica. Ms. Taylor-Newby is the Executive Director and Founder of Women at Real Risk, (WARR) a non-profit Breast Cancer Awareness Organization.

Ms. Taylor-Newby was a member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force for over ten years. She got married and had four children: Dwight, Danovan (deceased), Dawn and Denise. She later immigrated to the United States where she became the proud grandmother of her only grandson, who is the love of her life.

Ms. Taylor-Newby worked as social worker for the District of Columbia Human Resource Department for over twenty years. During these years she was a Boy Scout leader for seventeen years and received the highest Boy Scout Award, the Award of Merit. She has also volunteered with several organizations throughout the Washington area.

In 1998 she started to research why so many women in her homeland of Jamaica were dying of breast cancer. Her research concluded that Breast Cancer education was not readily available to women on the island. In 1999 she launched WARR in St. Mary, Jamaica at the Port Maria Hospital, which is a hands-on out-reach program that teaches women how to perform breast self-examinations.

Since the conception of WARR it has reached over 8,000 women and men in the U.S. and Jamaica. In 2001 Ms. Taylor-Newby started a program at an all girl’s school in the parish of St. Mary Jamaica with seven hundred plus teens in attendance.

Because of her experience with breast cancer, she has a passion for life and continues to educate as many women as possible of this potential but treatable disease.

Each year since the launching of the program, Ms. Taylor-Newby and members of WARR have traveled to Jamaica at least twice a year to work with the women on the island. April 2005 to present she took several doctors and nurses from the United States to Jamaica on a medical mission which was a great success.

President and Co-Founder

Claudia Charmaine Hudson is a native of Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. She resides in the District of Columbia many years. Claudia completed school in the USA.

She spent four years in the United States Air Force upon her return she continued college where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Business Administration, a Master’s in Public Administration, as well as a Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership from the University of the District of Columbia.

Claudia is a former Paramedic/Supervisor with the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services. The love of helping people in need kept her in that profession for more than 20 years, and it is this same love for people that has led her to volunteer her time, and effort to help educate women on breast cancer awareness.

Claudia has been with Women at Real Risk (WARR) from its inception, as co-founder, president, and assistant director of operations. During a visit her friend ask what can be done to help women who were less fortunate and did not have the ability to seek help about breast cancer issues.

Claudia was more than happy to lend a hand. Since raising two wonderful young men, Brandon and Andre’ has taught Claudia the gift of loving and sharing with others. That same love has transcended from her heart to many women and men here and over-seas bring awareness of breast cancer.

Claudia envisions WARR as a global organization ready at a moment’s notice to travel to any part of the world to conduct seminars and workshops on breast cancer awareness. Reaching women that no one would otherwise be able to reach; touching the lives of the shy and shameful; letting them know that they are not alone in this fight; willing to hold their hands through the trials and tribulations; praying with them; and helping financially when possible, are all the duties she entails in her aide of breast cancer awareness. Claudia Hudson is quintessence of an established, headstrong, and compassionate woman who is capable of taking WARR to new plateaus.

Vice President and Treasurer

Mr. Luke Lawal has been with United Bank for almost 12 years as Vice President and Relationship Manager in their Corporate Lending Division.

He has business development, relationship management and credit analysis responsibilities for large commercial and non-profit organization in the metropolitan DC markets. Overall, he manages over 100 million loan portfolio and more than $60 million in deposit relationship. Prior to United Bank, he was with Wells Fargo Bank, Texas and overall he has 20 years of banking experience. He earned his MBA degree from the University of Texas at El Paso and completed his Management Development and Credit Training while employed by Wells Fargo Bank and was top of his class. Mr. Lawal has been active in professional, community and charitable organizations throughout his life and has been recognized over the years for his services to others.

Mr. Lawal is a member of the Board of Directors of Women At Real Risk, (WARR) a not for profit breast cancer awareness organization for many years.

Mr. Lawal holds the position of Vice President for WARR. Mr. Lawal also services as a board Adviser to the Society of the Aumazo, a not for profit organization that helps Girl’s Education Worldwide.

Mr. Lawal is a former Nigerian athlete and a member of the Nigerian International Athletics Association, (NIAA) which he joined in 1996. The Nigerian International Athletes Association (NIAA) is a not for profit organization. Members are former and current world-class sportsmen and women who have united for the purpose of giving back to the community.


Sherene Cameron, currently employed at NeighborWorks® America for over 18 years, has served this national non-profit organization in various positions. NeighborWorks® America, headquartered in Washington, DC, has eight district offices throughout the United States.

This organization was chartered in 1978 by the US Congress to promote community development throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico.

Sherene is a graduate of the University of the District of Columbia and the Washington Institute of Paralegal Studies. She is also a member of the National Association of Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, American Management Association, and National Association of Notaries. Sherene is the secretary for Women at Real Risk (WARR), an organization that emphasizes breast cancer awareness, and is a ten-year breast cancer survivor herself. Often referred to as a “people’s person,” she is very community oriented. In addition to her role at WARR, she is a member of Randall Memorial United Methodist Church, where she has served as president of the Randall Memorial United Methodist Women’s Unit; she is a member of the Nominations and Pastor Parish Relations committees. She is secretary of the Dresden Green Citizens’ Association and volunteers at the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. In addition, for the past nine years she has organized a team to raise money and participate in the annual 5K Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure.

Sherene is a wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother of twins Kyla and Tyler; a very loving family that has been supportive when she needed them most - during her battle with breast cancer and other illnesses.

Personal Statement: “My passion is to help others, I feel blessed that God has kept me here and that he has a purpose for my life. So while I am here, I focus on spreading the word on early detection of breast cancer and assisting women (and their families) in any way I can in this process.”