Medical Mission Trip

The Parish of St. Mary, Jamaica

Women At Real Risk (WARR) successfully completed our 2018 Medical Mission Trip, with special designated medical privileges to practice and serve, from the Jamaican Ministry of Health, in the Parish of Saint Mary. This year’s Medical Mission team served over 400 men, women, and children in the first four days. Followed by a very successful in person presentation from several members to motivate, and encourage healthy lifestyle, to the Girls’ High School, along with special visit and tour of one of the local hospital for future service. Although our primary focus is to continue bringing awareness to breast cancer, we realized that medical treatments is also needed in several other areas. Prior preparation from the years of experience servicing this region, WARR with a delegation of 20 personnel this year could provide specialized medical treatments including but not limited to, consultations and treatments from Orthopedic Surgeon, Gynecologist, Pediatricians, Family Practice Physicians, Pharmacologist, Registered nurses, several Pharmacist Assistants, Spiritual Leader and Receptionists. 

The 2018 Medical Mission team consisted of:  Brock Adams MD, Robert Ball MD, Theresa Buckson MD, Nichole Glass-Logan MD, Kijana Nix MD, Dr. Edward Olowoofayoku PharmD, Deena Nakpodia RN, Rev. Allyson D. Brown, WARR’s Chaplain; Agnes Adex, Khadein Hackshaw, Kemi Olowoofayoku, Dawn Taylor, WARR’s Administrative Officer; Denise Taylor, WARR’s Treasurer; Portia Williams, Youth Service Volunteers, Receptionist; and WARR’s Executive Director; Sherene Cameron, WARR’s General Secretary; Yvonne E. Clarke, Vice President of WARR; and drivers.

The dedicated team’s day consists of a minimum of seven hours treating patients, with the moto, “every patient that shows will be treated no matter how long our days”. This did not include travel time of two – two and a half hours each way to the remote areas. Dr. Adams saw all patients with arthritis, or skeletal problems, Patients with extreme high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes, were seen by Dr. Ball and Dr. Buckson. Dr. Buckson also serve the many women that waited patiently her “specialized women problems” service. Most pediatrics were seen by Dr. Glass-Logan and Dr. Nix for all kinds of health reasons. Patients were given up to three months’ supply of medication, which was prescribed by the attending physicians. Dr. Olowoofayoku along with his volunteers filled all prescriptions. Attending immediately to what we considered to be emergency patients with high blood pressure.Patients expressed their gratitude several ways for the treatments received during the mission. 

On our fifth day, the team visited Marymount All-Girls School, where WARR had launched a health initiatives program with over seven hundred teens in attendance. This program continues today which include distribution of school supplies, backpacks, personal items, educational materials, and in person presentations from several Pediatric doctors and motivational speakers.  Everyone expressed to the medical mission team that they will be waiting for WARR’s annual visit as this is sometimes the ONLY time they can see a doctor.

Your tax-deductible contribution for WARR’s service to Jamaica as well as the services provided to the Washington DC Area is greatly needed to sustain our programs.