Medical Mission Trip

The Parish of St. Mary, Jamaica

Women At Real Risk partnered with the Church of the Advent for another successful medical mission trip. The Medical Mission team saw over 350 men, women, and children in four days. During this mission though our focus was to bring awareness to breast cancer, by doing so we were able to provide other medical attention.

The 2015 Medical Mission team consisted of: Brock Adams MD, Robert Ball MD, Whitney Stuart MD, Dr. Edward Olowoofayoku PharmD; Deena Nakpodia RN, Pamela Scott RN; Abigail Brown; Dawn and Denise Taylor, volunteers; the Executive Director and President of WARR.

The team’s day consists of nine hours of treating patients, not including travel time of two hours each way to the remote areas of St. Mary. Dr. Adams saw all patients dealing with arthritis. Patients with extremely blood pressure were given special attention by Dr. Ball. Dr. Stuart saw 90% of the children dealing with fungus and worms. Dr. Olowoofayoku filled all prescriptions, and every patient seen was given medication and/or vitamins to improve their health. Patients expressed their gratitude for the treatment received during the mission.

Our last evening of the mission was the first time our team was able to let their hair down. Some went to the beach, while others enjoyed the festivities at the hotel. All are looking forward to coming back next year.